Thursday, November 19, 2009

PANIC! At the Household

Trying to be clever there, didn't exactly work well though. Hm, oh wells.

So here's an update on stuffs:


*Design project for Dreamweaver due after Thanksgiving break! Almost done though, so no big deal.

*Gotta finish chapter work for Dreamweaver (about 2 hours of work left to do for the class). Got luck- he isn't making us have a notebook. Which is great, since I just went through the book and forgot to print out each chapter's progress:-/

*Design project for ActionScript class...oh geez, this is due after Thanksgiving break as well and so far, I have nothing to show for it because my partner hasn't done much and the work I did I deleted out of frustration.

*Got to finish work for this class. IN OVER MY HEAD! I've been so slack with this class because I detest scripting. I thought it was going to be an advanced course in Flash animation, not Flash PROGRAMMING>.<

My store-

*One pyrite necklace to craft. Right now I'm waiting on the pyrite to come in from China.

*One two tiered glass beaded necklace to craft.

Craftster swaps-

* 10 minute swap- I have a dinosaur applique almost completed and am going to work on the bird-shaped tote tonight. I hope to send off tomorrow.

* Web comic swap- I am lovin reading my partner's favorites! I have everything planned out: plushie from one comic, two note cards from two different comics, clay or shrinky dink necklace from one comic. I will have to wait to send this off until after we get back from Missouri.

* Junk jewelry swap- I sent my necklace to my partner and she should be able to pick it up at the post office today. I will post pictures of the necklace later.

* Star Trek Christmas swap- waiting for my partner, should be partnered up November 23rd.

* November birthday swap- due two weeks after claim date (so first or second week of December for me). These are the people I want to craft for along with the items I want to make.
-Faren: coffee cozy, coupon/shipping cart organizer, personalized measuring tape
-Craftsy: coupon organizer/shopping cart organizer, journal, scrapbooking supplies
-Riechan: steampunk necklace, kokeshi doll necklace, fork pendant necklace, dress/skirt patterns
-Pale Angel Lex: steampunk pin, circuit board earrings/necklace, circuit board journal
-nancy01602: headband, wristlet, small pouches, jewelry

* Personal sock creature swap- sending after Thanksgiving break

* Personal earring swap- three earrings down, having trouble with the last two earrings, may have to improvise or change my ideas for them completely. Hoping to send off tomorrow (overly ambitious)

Mistletoe Market- Things I need to make before December 5th

* At least 8 sock monsters

* At least 4 totes

* At least 4 junk jewelry creations

* At least 3 scarves/scarflettes

* 10 small kanzashi hair pins

* 5 large kanzashi hair pins

* 2-3 head bands

* 4 more hair barrettes

* 1-2 more cowls


*Cooking all day Saturday for Thanksgiving with my parents

*Just making green bean (with fresh green beanies!yum!)casserole for Thanksgiving in MO

So I'm going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY, cramming in as much as possible in the next 3 weeks!

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Clay Harris said...

Wow... sounds like someone's in for a busy week(end).