Monday, January 11, 2010

So how's about 2010?

I thought I would give a little update on my crafting and tell you what I will be working on in this new year.


I just finished the Star Trek Christmas swap, although I'm thinking about sending my partners another package at the end of the month (after pay day) so I can include things I didn't have time to finish before the send off date.

I'm working on the cloth diaper/eco friendly swap, gothic/sweet lolita swap, and the steampunk swap. This week I will get my partner for the winter sock swap, and I'm doing a personal swap for some hand spun yarn and a knitting book (I won't say what I have planned for her, just in case she reads this"^.^").

I have the My Favorite Things Poppet swap that I will be hosting from the end of this month to the beginning of March. After that I will be hosting a Zelda swap.

//Craft shows//

I fully intend on attending at least major craft shows this year.

//Pickled Pandas//

I really want to get my name out there this year and start selling via my blog. Yes, I have thought about making a website, but with all of the crafting I do, I don't have time to make one, selling from my blog would just be a whole lot more simple. And no, I don't want to have someone make a site for me, because it would be silly, since I went to college for web design...

//Personal goals//

Of course, these are mostly craft related.

First off, I want to start using up a lot of the materials I have. I am always buying materials because I neve have what I need for the projects I am working on, but at the same time, things are piling up because they aren't getting used. To assist in this, I have joined the 2010 Destash-a-long on, here are my goals for January and February:

Make a cute owl plushie for myself out of an old tshirt and that plaid flannel I refuse to toss out.

red- find a use for that red lace fabric I just bought for no reason (perhaps a cute dress with one of those patterns I bought last year)
"adult" things- knit some lingerie!
for the kitchen- crochet some dish cloths

I'm also wanting to fully organize our house. I've done a LOT of work so far, but want to keep at it until everything is organized. That might sound crazy, but we live in a "cozy" house that can easily get cluttered.

I'm wanting to get better at crafting, so I joined the 50 Projects in 2010 on and here is the list of my projects:

1. Learn resin casting
2. Make that St. Patrick's Day skirt that I wanted to make two years ago
3. Make a cool i-spy bag for my son
4. Make a knitting needle case with room for my needles, scissors, yarn sewing needle, and maybe a zippered pocket for smaller supplies I have yet to buy (row counter)
5. Make something from all of the patterns I've bought (this should probably count as multiple since I have around 18 purchased patterns)
6. Learn to knit socks on two circular needles
7. Learn to knit gloves on circular needles
8. Make a sweet lolita outfit
9. Make a wa- lolita outfit
10. Make a wrap dress
11. Make a wrap skirt
12. Make an infinity dress
13. Make two articles of clothing from burdastyle
14. Make my own romper
15. Learn to knit lace
16. Learn how to crochet with a pattern (I can crochet well, but never can read and understand a pattern)
17. Make a newsboy hat out of a sweater
18. Finish my amigurumi version of my original character Super Bunny
19. Make one cloth doll per month
20. Make a journal from scratch
21. Sew a pair of ruffled panties
22. Do all of the projects I've been wanting to try from Meagan Nicolay's tshirt surgery books
23. Make that jean pocket dress I designed
24. Make a blue jean corset vest
25. Design and create my own bra
26. Make a quilt
27. Make an eye pillow with fake lashes on it like Audrey's in Breakfast at Tiffany's
28. Knit a shrug
29. Knit or crochet a fake beard
30. Make my hubbie a Gordon Freeman plush
31. Turn my three hippie skirts into sun dresses
32. Make my hubbie a companion cube from Portal
33. Make my hubbie a jedi robe
34. Make at least one super cute apron that looks like its a dress instead of an apron
35. Make my son a play kitchen with a play grill
36. Make a cute skirt from an ugly sweater
37. Make a rice bag purse
38. Learn how to fuse plastic bags to make fabric and make reusable shopping bags
39. Make a fused recycled shopping bag rain coat
40. Make a fused recycled shopping bag purse
41. Make plush monsters from crazy fabric I refuse to get rid of
42. Make my own screen printing kit
43. Make my son's Halloween costume (and actually get him to wear it this year)
44. Make my own Halloween costume
45. Finish that plush bear
46. Make a cover for the toaster
47. Make a cover for the sewing machine
48. Make something to put the cloth diapers in
49. Make something to hold my cleaning rags
50. Make a Trogdor cake

So that's about it! Any word of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

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