Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been awhile eh?

I have been super duper busy lately (hence me not writing here)! I have done numerous swaps on craftster, all of which can be viewed at my personal youtube channel, dierdrelefae. I got accepted to the Athens Craftsravaganzaa, and have been crafting like a villain for that (only six more days until the show!). And I finally made a lil website, Pickled Pandas. I'm going to work on the website more after the craft fair, but I'm pretty satisfied with what I have thus far. All that's left is for me to make the online store for the website and I'll be done! Too bad I don't have just one thing left for the craft show...I am going to be crafting my butt off until the last minute for that!

Okay, so that about sums things up! Sorry this was so conjumbled, but it's 4AM and I need sleep...


Riechan said...

yes it's been awhile :(
I saw your vids on youtoube ^^. Wow! a craft show! show some pics of what you have made and how the stand looked like please? I'd love to see!
Any sign of my letter yet? (stupid mailservice!)

Riechan said...

btw... You my friend... are tagged! ^^ check back at my blog to see for what ^^