Saturday, October 24, 2009

In order to sleep well

I've had too many nights of tossing and turning, incapable of getting comfortable on our deflating air mattress. So, tonight I am staying up as late as my body will allow in order to obtain the level of complete exhaustion it take to get a good nights rest on our mattress. I do this every couple of days and it works quite well. Even though I will only be getting 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep, it will be a deep sleep and I won't feel achy in the morning because I will not have spent 8-10 hours in an uncomfortable bed. It's a necessary evil, loose restless sleep in order to gain a few hours of blissful deep sleep.

Reminds me, you know those dreams you have where it feels like you are falling, like you are half conscious and you feel like your body is floating to the ceiling and then suddenly plummeting? I used to be able to have those dreams on command when I was in my youth. I also used to be able to control my dreams by thinking about something right before I fell asleep, then I would dream about it, and while I was dreaming, if something didn't happen the way I wanted it to, I could change it. Lucid dreaming I believe that's called. I can still do that sometimes, I love it, things will be going awful and it will be on the verge of a nightmare, and then I will rewind my dream and play it back where I save the day instead of watch everything get destroyed, or something to the effect.

I also love how vivid my daydreams get. When I used to work at the UGA experiment station in the parasitology lab, I would get so bored with the monotonous work that I would day dream that I was a sailor senshi in disguise and that evil doers would bust through the window, and I would transform into a senshi and save the day...or I would dream about the love of my life whisking me away to some wonderful place far far away from the cow feces I was filtering for experimentation-this was when I was single, and oddly enough, the guy who whisked me away looked like my hubbie"^.^"

I miss enjoying sleep. The lack of a comfortable mattress really makes me dread going to bed because I know I'm going be tossing and turning all night and feeling achy in the morning...

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