Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh look at my wrist, time to go!

Orders of business:

1. I'm addicted to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
2. I have TOO MUCH TO DO!
3. Working at the restaurant again..
4. School?

I'm pretty much insatiably addicted to Dr. Horrible. I want the DVD and the soundtrack so bad! The crazy thing is, I can't get my hubbie to watch it because it's a musical. And yeah, I don't normally like musicals myself, but the is one was made by JOSS WHEDEN! Brilliant man, simply brilliant! I have most of the songs memorized because I've been watching it on an almost daily basis. I want the theme as my ring tone...but I'm too cheap to spend $3 on a ringtone that only plays a 10-20 second loop.

What was that?That was the sound of my brain falling out of my head and running away. I don't know how it got out...psssh, anyway, yeah I am crazy busy since I started working. I have so many things I was suppose to get done this week that I'm now having to crunch into the little bit of time I have in between work and classes.

Things I have to do BEFORE Friday:

1. Finish knitting scarf for one of my swap partners
2. Make scoodie for one of my swap partners
3. Finish compiling beads for bead swaps
4. Sew together muff for one of my swap partners
5. Make fingerless gloves for my swap partners
6. Finish the macrame bracelet

It may not sound like much, but when you have a house to keep up, sick baby to take care of, school work to get caught up on, tests to take for school, and working- that's when even the smallest amount of crafting becomes too much. But I need to work to pay for my crafting habit and gas for the car. Bah! It sucks, I'm running myself ragged.

So that brings us down to me working again. Yes, I am again working at the Chinese restaurant. I started back yesterday. I went to class, went to work, had to take sick baby to the doctor, had to rush back to work...yeah my life is even more chaotic now (as if it wasn't already too chaotic to begin with). Miserable. Doesn't. Even. Begin. To. Describe. It. Hmmm, yeah six chapters behind in one class (but it will take me all of an hour-two hours to get caught up because it's just ActionScript) and a couple chapters ahead in my other class. I hate four hour classes. Mainly because I do my classwork at home, because I can concentrate much better here than in the classroom.I don't know why. Probably because I'm so lonely in my classes. Not having my college buddies around sucks majorly. MAJORLY! Bah....

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