Wednesday, November 4, 2009


WIC appointment, library, bank, pick up bread order from Kneadful Things, knitting for 6 more feet, wash laundry, hang/fold/put away laundry, wash dishes, chapters 4-5 of Adv Dreamweaver,chapters 1-7 of Adv Flash, compose 8000 words for NanoWrimo,pass out and hope I don't have to work at the restaurant in between

Update on previous days, filling in the gap from last post:

We all got a stomach virus. Azariah had it for one day, my hubbie had it for two days, and I had it for three days. And then I got another stomach virus on Halloween that lasted three days. T_T

Haven't worked at the restaurant since last Friday night due to being sick.

Sent off for one of my scarf swap partners and both of mybead soup swap partners.

Received from both of my bead soup partners.

Finished and shipped off the hemp bracelet.

Waiting on materials and check for the Pyrite pendant necklace I am to be working on.

Swaps I still have to complete:

  • Scarf swap for my second partner...still have six feet of knitting to do!

  • Sock monster personal swap

  • Sock monster official swap

  • Junk necklace swap

I joined a Web comic swap and will be hosting a poppet swap [at the end of the month].

Pictures of the scoodie I made for the scarf swap:

Made from snuggle flannel and lined with fleece. I was going to add pockets on the fleece side but forgot:-/

EDIT: If you want a flannel/fleece scoodie of your very own, email me at with the subject "scoodie". Scoodies range in price from $18-25, depending on the flannel and fleece you choose.

Pictures of the hemp bracelet I made for commission:

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Whitney Sews said...

The bracelet looks great and I really like the fabric you used for the scoodie is cute!