Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Silly story in response to italktosnakes

Read her post here first, otherwise this will make little to no sense.

At first, I was thinking that maybe the couple first mentioned had met there...and of course my over active imagination took over:

The girl (let's call her Lisby, I don't know why, it just sounds kinda pretty...of course now I'm thinking it makes it sound like "lisp" when you say it, but oh well), Lisby,had had a very long day at work. her boss had been on her back ever since she came in ten minutes late (due to a car that wouldn't start, traffic, and the elevator that she needed to take to the third floor being out). Finally, after 8 grueling hours, she was free from the office for the day! She got in her car, popped in her favorite CD, and headed home.

Then it started to rain.

Not like a normal rain, oh no, a torrential, sadistic rain that lashed out at her car with a vengence. Reduced to a speed of a whopping 10 miles per hour, she decided to try to wait it out at the gas station up ahead. Putting the car into park, she waited out the storm for an entire forty-five and a half minutes, listening to most of the CDs she had with her.

Finally, the skies cleared, dusk was drawing near, she cranked the engine to head home. And the car wouldn't start. Frustrated, she angrily got out of the car and preceded to tell it off and kick the front tires. After her anger had been satiated, she noticed she had an audience. A handsome man, around the same age as her clapped his hands and said to her "that was quite a performance, does the lovely actress have a name?" "Clara," (yeah I didn't like the name Lisby anymore)she said, fully embarrassed by her behavior. he offered to jump her car off for her and asked her out to dinner at Chipotle, and thus began their relationship that lead to marriage that lead to them getting picture taken at the place where they met...

but once you said you saw numerous couples getting their pictures taken their, my dreamy story no longer seems valid :-/ Ho hum.

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