Monday, February 1, 2010

First post of February

A little update...

Currently: have a horrible neck sprain from not sleeping well.

Before: played outside with Azzy. He was pretending to mow our lawn!

Before that: received my package from the eco baby swap! I got tons of little goodies and will be making a video this evening!

Things I meant to do in January but failed:

Making an owl plushie from scraps of fabric I have around the house.
Positive thought: Instead, I got all of my swaps done on time, plus I have decided to make owl plushies for the Athens Craftsaganza in May, so I will still make them.

Sew that dress I was working on.
Positive thought: I will sew it once I get white contrasting fabric to complement the green swirl fabric.

Things I have planned for February:


Knit a pair of undies for myself.

Crochet some dish cloths -intermediate patterns

Make at least 2 hooded children blankets for Athens Craftsaganza

Finish the dress!

Make at least 5 sock monsters for Athens Craftsaganza

Make at least 2 rice heat/cold pack monsters for Athens Craftsaganza

Make at least 2 cloth diaper pull ups for Azzy

Finish steampunk circus swap on time (Feb 15)

Make socks for winter sock swap before deadline and possibly make some extras

Make at least half of the items for the Harry Potter RPG swap


Snap press with resin snaps

Brother 1034D serger

More vintage patterns and some new patterns at 99 cent sales

Pantry for the kitchen (we have a pantry, but we buy food in bulk once a month so it gets crazy in there and we need more room)

Craft closet and other organizational items to get the office in order

Yarn and knitting supplies from


Make at least 2 DIY videos on youtube

Make at least 1 cooking video on youtube

These are just little goals, I have more that I want to do, but don't know if I will have time! I will keep you updated on what I make here and on youtube"^.^"

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